A Apple Pie and Traditional Nursery Rhymes

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A Apple Pie

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A was an apple-pie;

B bit it,

C cut it,

D dealt it,

E eat it,

F fought for it,

G got it,

H had it,

I inspected it,

J jumped for it,

K kept it,

L longed for it,

M mourned for it,

N nodded for it,

O opened it,

P peeped in it,

Q quartered it,

R ran for it,

S stole it,

T took it,

U upset it,

V viewed it,

W wanted it

X, Y, Z, and ampersand,

All wished for a piece in hand.

This poem was well-known in the reign of Charles II and the usual title being: The tragical Death of A, Apple Pie Who was caught in Pieces and Eat by Twenty-Five Gentlemen with whom All Little People Ought to be Very well acquainted. Now known as A Apple Pie, it was a favourite for ABC instruction.