short poems for kids

10 Great Poems Everyone Should Know

We’re delighted to bring you 10 wonderful and great poems. So enjoy this ride of rhymes. We’ll Go No More A – Roving by...
7 min read

The Real Mother Goose: The Clock

The Real Mother Goose: The Clock There’s a neet little clock In the schoolroom it stands And it points to the time With its...
12 sec read

10 Of The Best Short Rhyming Poems To Teach…

A good poem gratifies and teaches as explained in Horace’s quote: “The poet’s aim is to blend in one the delightful and the useful.”...
3 min read

The 7 Best Short Poems for Kids

Poems make your kid’s life colorful and vibrant. They add a variety of rich experience in their life and are important for developping his...
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